Our Services

The Painted Pantry are specialist kitchen cabinet painters, we provide a one stop solution to breathe new life into your existing kitchen. With expert design & colour advice, we always achieve the highest standards of workmanship, implementing the latest spray painting technology or traditional hand painting methods.

We specialise in refurbishing kitchens in a complete range of colours, including popular heritage, National Trust colours and Farrow and Ball replicas. Depending on the kitchen size, we can have your kitchen cupboard doors, removed, resprayed and refitted within two weeks. Whilst creating your new bespoke kitchen, we can replace knobs and handles, giving your kitchen doors a bespoke new look. The Painted Pantry will produce perfection on every project we undertake.

Spray Painted Kitchens

Whether you are looking to change your kitchen or have an heirloom piece of furniture painted to fit in with your decor, we can professionally spray paint it.  The transformations are amazing and you can see some of the items we have worked on, on our Case Study pages.

Even though your kitchen may appear to be spotlessly clean, we will fully de-grease all the kitchen including the carcass before sanding. The sanding process is almost dustless which means a clean environment for everyone. This process also helps to achieve the perfect base to start painting from.

All doors and drawers are numbered and removed and taken to our workshop for less disruption – leaving you still able to use your kitchen whilst we paint the doors for you.

The priming and top coats are painted at our workshop using a high volume, low pressure spray machine which leaves a finer more modern factory finish. The paint used is highly durable, fully washable and in a variety of finishes from matt, sheen to gloss.

We will then arrange a suitable time with you to reinstall your refurbished kitchen doors and pelmets. This sustainable solution gives you a bespoke new kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a newly fitted kitchen.

Hand Painted Kitchens

As well as spray painting kitchen cabinets, The Painted Pantry can also hand paint your kitchen cabinets to your chosen colour from our extensive paint range.
We thoroughly clean and de-grease the cupboard & surround surfaces.

All cabinet doors and drawers are numbered and removed and taken to the workshop for less disruption. We then begin our dustless sanding process to achieve the perfect base for our first coat, this stage cannot be rushed and sanding between every application helps to provide a flawless yet durable finish.

The priming and top coats are then painted by hand using traditional methods which leaves subtle brush marks for that bespoke look. We will then arrange a suitable time with you to reinstall your refurbished kitchen door. This sustainable solution gives you a fresh new kitchen look at the fraction of the cost of a new kitchen, saving you money and saving on landfill waste.

Our Customer Process

At The Painted Pantry we simplify the painting process for our customer. Using the best brands & state of the art equipment, we know that we can give your old dated kitchen a new & bespoke lease of life.

Quoting for the project

Contact us for a free & no obligation quote. With years of experience, we can advise on the perfect finish and colour for your project.

Protecting your home

Covering surfaces and surrounds and deep clean & degrease the cabinets ready for priming. The sanding process is dustless – we clean as we sand so no messy disruption in the home.

The kitchen painting process

Whether hand painting or spray painting we always achieve a flawless finish. All doors and drawers are numbered and removed and taken to the workshop for less disruption.

Dustless Sanding

One of the biggest problems in having any decorating work carried out in your home is the amount of dust generated from old fashioned hand sanding of ceiling, walls and woodwork.

This normally means lots of dusting and cleaning up once the work has been completed.

The Painted Pantry know that preparation is the key to a perfect paint finish. We always use a dust free sanding system and this ensures that 99.9% of all dust is extracted into a dust extractor. Dust is removed as it is created, helping maintain a healthy, breathable environment during and after the sanding process.

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